How to Use Two WhatsApp on One Phone


How to Use Two WhatsApp on One Phone

How to use two WhatsApp in one Android or iPhone cellphone, you must look for it so you can create 2 accounts on one cellphone so you can use another number to create a WA account. But if you don’t know-how, like most people who don’t know how to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 cellphone, be it Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, or iPhone, you can see this article because it will discuss how to do it.

As many people know, the WhatsApp or WA application has become one of the most popular messaging applications and has many users in the world. The use of the WhatsApp application for communication in various conditions, ranging from business affairs, offices to confinement that is private or confidential.

With the use of WA as a means of communication for various things, it is not surprising that many WhatsApp users want to use two WAs in one Smartphone. Considering this method is considered more efficient, practical, and economical because users do not need to buy a new cellphone to have another WA account.

Are you curious how? Check out below some ways to use 2 Whatsapp in 1 cellphone (mobile) that you can try, quoted from various sources.

1. Using the Dual Messenger Feature

Dual Messenger is a default feature found on some cellphones which allow users to have two accounts in one application without additional applications that need to be installed. The HP brand that gets a feature like this is Samsung’s cellphone, while on cellphones like Xiaomi or Huawei, the name is App Twin. Later users simply activate this feature to be able to use 2 WhatsApp applications on 1 cellphone. For example, on a Samsung cellphone, here are the steps on how to activate it:

  1. First, open Settings on the HP
  2. Then select menu Advanced Features menu
  3. Then select Dual Messenger
  4. Then just slide the slide button (Toggle) in the WhatsApp application to activate two accounts in 1 application
  5. Then you just have to install WA on your cellphone from the Play Store as usual
  6. Then open the application and you will be asked for the number that will be used in the second WA
  7. Done, managed to create 2 WhatsApp accounts on 1 cellphone

For those who use a Xiaomi cellphone, you can do the following steps to activate a dual application (App Twin) so that you can use 2 WA in 1 cellphone:

  1. First, open Settings (Settings) on HP
  2. Then select the Dual application menu
  3. Next look for the WhatsApp application
  4. Then activate the Toggle bar in the WhatsApp application section until it turns green
  5. Then you can use 2 accounts on the WhatsApp application on 1 cellphone

2. Using WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business application was actually created to be used by business people who want to create their business account on a WA account. However, you can also download this application for free on the Play Store to create a second WhatsApp account on this application.

You can use this application side by side with the usual or regular WhatsApp application on the same smartphone without any disturbances or problems. All you have to do is download the WhatsApp Business application from the Play Store or App Store, install it on your cellphone and then register a WA account as usual. Then you can create 2 WA accounts on 1 Android phone or on iPhone.

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3. Using App Clone / App Twin

App Clone or App Twin is an application made to duplicate an application on a cellphone so that you can use 2 accounts on the application. With the App Clone application, you can duplicate the WhatsApp application and create a second or new WA account on the duplicated WA application. There are many App Twin / App Clone applications on the Play Store, just search and choose the one that you think is good and safe. You can apply this method on Vivo, Oppo, and other brands of Android cellphones that do not have dual messengers / dual application features such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei cellphones.

Here are the steps you can take to be able to use 2 Whatsapp in 1 cellphone:

  1. First, install App Clone or App Twin from Play Store
  2. If you have opened the application on your cellphone,
  3. Then click on Settings
  4. Then select the WhatsApp application
  5. Later the WA application will appear on the Home Screen or HP homepage with a clone/duplication symbol
  6. You just have to open the WA cloned result
  7. Then enter a different phone number to create a second account on WhatsApp
  8. Just continue with the next instructions to create a WA account as usual
  9. Congratulations, now you can open 2 WhatsApp accounts on 1 Android phone

4. Using Dual Space

The Dual Space application can help you use two WhatsApp in 1 cellphone and is very easy to use. This application that can create two WAs is very useful for those of you who have a business and want to access two Whatsapp accounts on the same smartphone.

Here are the steps to use Dual Space to make 2 WA in 1 HP:

  1. First, first download and install Dual Space from the Play Store
  2. Then open the application on the cellphone
  3. Next, select the WhatsApp application
  4. Then follow the instructions given by the Dual Space app

Later Dual Space will not create shortcuts for other WhatsApp accounts as in App Twins, but you must enter this application to open the duplicated WA application.

5. Using Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an application whose concept is almost similar to Dual Space or App Twins where you can create or clone applications into two in 1 Android or iPhone cellphone. Not only the WhatsApp application that you can clone using this application, but you can also clone various other applications such as Instagram, Telegram, Games, and many other applications.

However, even though it can clone various applications, Parallel Space has a drawback, namely that you need fairly large storage space on your cellphone, because Parallel Space itself is a fairly large application, not to mention that the cloned application will be similar in size to the original application. So it requires a fairly large HP memory. If you want to enjoy this application, just search and download an application called Parallel Space on the Google Play Store or on the App Store.

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Well, how? Easy is not how to use 2 Whatsapp in 1 cellphone either without an application or with additional applications that need to be installed. Hopefully, this simple tutorial can be helpful and useful for those of you who need it.

If you have problems while trying the tutorial above or there are things you want to ask, please just write them in the comments column below. Thank you.

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